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Parliamoci chiaro:

  • E’ facile decantare le proprie capacità
  • Piuttosto difficile provarle – e a questo ci pensano i risultati operativi
  • Ancora più dura poi, trovare qualcuno che parli bene di te.

Beh, ringrazio fin da ora quelli che lo hanno fatto per me, e che lo faranno. 🙂

It is a pleasure to recommend Marco Famà. He has done extensive sales and representative consulting for our business and product line development. He has helped us select new branding and has been very effective in enabling market positioning. Marco has done great work in a timely matter, so I recommend him with enthusiasm!

Marco is extremely pleasant to work with, professional and precise, he’s always available. I’ve been working with him on various business proposals and have been impressed by his work ethic.

Marco is an incredibly hard worker who is able to deliver top quality work in a short amount of time. His language and communication skills together with his design background make him an invaluable asset.

Great process management and problem solving. he helped us having a clear idea of our website and making it real.

I’ve had the chance to work with Marco for three years, as I was the President of AEGEE Europe association.
His high foreign language and communication skills, combined with his know-how in the Information Technology world, provided the right added-value to our event success.

Marco is a high reliable and professional person, flexible in dealing with issues and reactive with unexpected problems. I remember expecially, his highly appreciated ability to keep team work relaxed.

Photo Credits: Cathryn Lavery, unsplash.com

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